Keeping things flowing….

We have been on a roller coaster here lately with many life changes. Dalisay seems to have taken a back seat in the past year as life’s unexpected circumstances took centre stage. We dealt with some health issues and some major moves. This year, our plan is to refocus and turn Dalisay into what it was to be. We will share more insights in our personal world and take you into those of the women we truly admire. Here’s to taking more leaps into the unknown.

Dalisay Woman



What is a “dalisay woman”? She is the woman we design for. She’s the woman we fall in love with and want to take a little piece of. She has that something about her that makes others want to take a second look or ask a question or two. It’s that curiosity into the lives of the women we dress, that made us want to start this feature. We want to take you into the lives of our women. We want to inspire and motivate you; whether that be style wise or taking on a new career. Each month we will present you with the “Dalisay Woman” and each month we hope to satisfy that little bit of curiosity, even if it’s just a sneak peek.